Instead of travelling to attend a photo shoot, you can simply send me your products; I take the photos you desire and I send them ( products and photos ) back to you.

I have done the same thing for many clients in Switzerland and you can be sure that I will take care of your products and will take the safest precautions during the shooting.

Let's be honest:

we have the right technology and the perfect means to work from home and it can only be efficient and convenient during this special period.


We discuss your photography project over the phone or on skype or zoom and then I will create a mood board, so we can establish the style that you are looking for.

I will get ready for the shoot preparing relevant props and backgrounds and you post your products to me so that I can photograph them.

I style and shoot your products and will share some behind the scenes moments with you for social media or just because it is nice to see it!

Once the photos are edited, you’ll receive them through a private online gallery and I’ll post your products back to you!


Zawadi Mode

thank you so much Fedi for the wonderful images you took for Zawadi. I feel blessed that I found you on the internet!


How many products can I send?

The amount varies depending on the requirements. I tend to cover as much as possible in the time booked so that you really take advantage of the session and you have plenty of images to use for your business! We can discuss this and decide together.

What if I do not have products but I still need photos?

I can take photos of the product or service you need, we only need to discuss. For example, If you need a photo of a pizza recipe, I can do that! Just ask and I see what I can do!

Do I have to pay a deposit?

50% deposit of the total amount is required upon booking and 50% after the delivery of the images.

What about props and backgrounds?

I have a huge variety of props and backgrounds at my studio, however if you have some objects of decoration that it is essential for your brand, please send it over to me and I will use it during the photoshoot!

How and when will I receive the images?

I use a private online gallery for all my clients; there you will be able to receive and download the images at the highest resolution and you will be able to share the gallery with colleagues as well. I can also use WeTransfer or Google Photos or Google Drive, it's up to you! Once the payement has been processed, you will receive the images; normally is within a week.

How much does it cost?

The best is to call me or contact me directly and we can discuss and see what are your requirements :-)

Have another question? Send me an email, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, and I will be glad to help you!