the story behind my love for food photography

I love food, talking about food and I would spend hours going food hunting! I like farmers markets, where you find the most authentic produces and where you can certainly look for authentic flavours, that I believe are the best! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes that I make up trying to combine together a lot of ingredients; sometimes because I want to find an healthier version of a recipe that already exists and some other times because I want to learn how to cook a specific dish. My love and passion for food photography started in 2013 when I was living in London, since then, I never stopped wanting to learn more and more and that's why I started by assisting food photographers because I was curious to see how this job was going to be and If I could see myself doing that. I actually fell in love with this profession! What I like the most is the variety of jobs I can end up doing and the connections you can build with people from different backgrounds and all the things I get to learn and taste!

why you should hire me for your restaurant or project?

I think my images speak for themselves, however I can also say that passion is what drives me and I get very inspired and creative every time I start a new project. Enthusiasm and motivation come naturally to me and I am committed to provide images that will showcase your creations the best way possible.

find me on instagram for more new images and inspiration, i get quite active there and I like to experiment with recipes and reels!