my services and what I do more or less

Photography services

food, portrait, product

I create a selection of images of your products, I cover your event telling the story behind it, I make you feel at ease in front of the camera and tell the world what you do and I also take e-commerce shots, restaurant photoshoots, lifestyle and more !

Recipe creation

to showcase your products

My curiosity in the kitchen and my passion for healthy eating and nutrition, gives me the ability to create always new and inspiring recipes. I enjoy experimenting and discover new edible products, preparing delicious meals that I will photograph too.

Social media management

limited to 2 clients per months

I curate your social media presence to showcase your work and your products on Instagram and Facebook. I create your monthly content calendar and strategy. This is a limited offer only and reserved to food industry only.


where did you study photography ?

I have practiced photography since the age of 17 years old and I have been assisting photographer since 2014 and have been working non stop since then. Practice makes perfect, I think. Experience is essential to learn and grow.

what camera do you use ?

I own a few cameras from NIKON and I love this brand. Since the early stages of my carrer I felt more at ease with it and the model I use the most is the NikonD750 with prime lenses only. I might upgrade to a mirror less camera soon!

where did you learn marketing and social media ?

I have no studies in Marketing. I started working at a digital marketing agency in London ( TMW Unlimited ) and gained a lot of experience and knowledge. I am very grateful for that experience that led me over here today.

do you still take photos of couples and families ?

I have stopped taking photos of couples and families because I decided to focus more on portraits, food, products and lifestyle. I found that taking photos of everything was not so effective for my performance and I prefer quality over quantity. I am still open to photoshoot couples and families, so do not hesitate in asking me.