Where did everything started?

I have always loved shooting in the forest; when I lived in UK, I used to take my actors headshots in the woods of north London and I feel like nature can be extremely inspiring. When Marie, my colleague of workshops ( yes we always organise workshops together since November 2019, mainly in Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich ), asked me to plan for our future workshop, we knew we wanted to do something different and we finally decided to make it in the woods. There is no better place to take photos in summer ( actually not only summer ) but we found the idea really appealing and decided to let out our creative spirit and go for it 100%! We ordered a naked cake and some cupcakes and decided to add some flowers and seasonal fruit, in order to style the table. We usually love to collaborate with local providers, and this time we asked Fabiana of Aufour Lausanne to create the cake for us and Cuppins' in Lausanne was so kind to provide the cupcakes and we also picked the flowers at the farmers market in Lausanne.

What was the workshop about?

The goal of our workshops is to share our knowledge and passion for photography with other people, beginners and intermediate mainly. We talk about natural light and how to take mouthwatering photos all the time. We share our tips and tricks to manage the light and much more about styling and technical aspects of the camera. This workshop was a bit different than usual, as we were shooting in the forest, and there, light can be very challenging. We were in the shadow of the trees but there was the filtering rays of sun made it hard to take photos because of the harsh light hitting the subjects and some more struggles that we have faced!

What was the outcome?

This first edition of this workshop in the forest was amazing! I am very satisfied of the result and it is always a huge pleasure to be able to teach and see that a student is leaving the course with more knowledge than before! I think this is what we wish for and we love when our students are amazed by their progresses! We know we want to improve certain things in the process and organisation of the workshop, however we are indeed a great team and I can't wait to host already the second edition!

Interested in participating? Then write me at info@fedigioia.com

Interested in participating? Then write me at info@fedigioia.com