What's my background?

Since I was a little girl I had a huge passion for foreign languages and connecting with other cultures. I still remember the emotion I got when I used to write letter to my penpal friend from UK! Receiving her letters made me feel alive and excited, curious and inspired! During my teen years I fell in love with arts and started to take photos just for fun; it was only until I was 17 years old that I decided to take a course in analogical photography and loved the experience of developing my own photos at the laboratory. That made me understand that I had a special connection to photography in particular.

In 2012 I moved to London for work reasons and I was constantly surrounded by artistic and creative minds that it did not take long until I decided to offer professionally my photographic services. Initially I started with portraiture because almost the 70% of my friends and acquaintances were involved in the acting scene and they all needed photos to be taken.

These were more or less the very first professional shots that I took and I still remember the stress of the first time and the fun I had during the shoots! I remember I had no idea what I was doing technically, I did know the settings and all but I decided to start just following what I saw in the camera and if I liked it then I tried to repeat or change, to experiment more!

Anna Wrang, actress

Frederik Von Luettichau, actor

Emma Johansson, actress

Why did I follow this path?

The answer to this question is simple... I simply had to, I had a voice inside of me that was constantly telling me to persevere and to be honest...I simply love taking photos and the lifestyle that goes with it.

I tried working 9 to 5 for several years, it can be great for many reasons ( like economical stability ), however I found it heavier in the long term and I know I can do this type of job in the future if I ever want to. Photography is a process itself that includes many tasks and skills I am very fond of and I feel close to it in a way I can't describe in any other way.

The idea of working from home and organising my day as I needed, depending on the photoshoots and editing or meeting a new client, was perfect for me to have that sense of freedom I always needed.


Freedom is the key word. I am my own boss as an independent photographer, I am the one that brings home the salary with my own efforts and using my passion and skills and that makes me very much satisfied. I still have to work, and sometimes even more than when I was hired by a 9-5 job. When you work for yourself, you end up working more, that's inevitable! There are techniques and ways of improving and getting better at managing your working hours and personal time, however this is another topic! I will talk more about all of this freelancing life very soon, so stay tuned :-)