La Nebuleuse, fresh, local and artisanal beers brewed in Greater Lausanne since 2014.

I recently had the honor of attending a Food Tour event hosted by La Nebuleuse. The event took place at the magnificent restaurant El Barrio in Fribourg, where I had the pleasure of capturing the delectable dishes and the exceptional beer. The menu at El Barrio was crafted with the beer as the centerpiece, with each plate thoughtfully designed to enhance a specific type of beer, from the appetizer to the dessert. The result was a culinary experience that delighted the taste buds and showcased the versatility of La Nebuleuse.

As you can see from the captivating photos, the food was nothing short of spectacular. I could enjoy observing all the guests savouring the unique and original flavours of this gourmet menu. This innovative concept truly impressed me, and I eagerly await the next event. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey!