250gr of silky tofu ( I used this one )

3 table spoons of maple syrup

2 to 5 espresso of your favorite coffee

1 bag of savoardi cookies ( I used these )

30 gr of cocoa powder ( my favourite one )


This recipe is straight forward and simple, that's why I like it so much and I want to share it with you! It's a great option for you if you are on a diet but still you want to eat a fresh and deliciously creamy dessert with that coffee taste that can blow your mind away!

So, are you ready?

  1. Prepare 2 to 5 espresso and let them rest in order to cool off. Take a baking tray ( a medium one should be fine ). I tend to like a lot of coffee in my tiramisù, however you are free to choose and add less.
  2. Take the silky tofu and place it in a mixer, add the maple syrup and mix well until combined and creamy at the consistency you like and at the very end you can add a table spoon of coffee!
  3. Once the coffee is not hot anymore, you can start placing the savoardi in the baking tray and pour some of the coffee on top of them ( not too much! ), you can now start adding the tofu mix and repeat the procedure until you have created at least one or two layers.
  4. Complete the procedure by adding some or a lot ( hihi ) of cocoa powder and let sit in the fridge for a couple of hours at least.