It took me ages...

They say, good things make them wait, and for what it's worth, well, I can assure you my new blog site is a good one! I have decided to keep this website as my main portfolio and also the place where I host my clients galleries and create a blog that will be more like a platform with freebies and a lot of information about photography, freelancing and much more!

You will also find an online store where you can purchase my Lightroom presets, prints and a series of digital product that I want you to discover some time soon.

The store won't be online until beginning of may, however the blog and the freebies are there, so I hope you will check it out and subscribe to my newsletters! It will be the best way to stay up to date to my events like workshops and I will send you freebies every now and then, although I am not going to spam you! Rest assured!

Then...what are you waiting for??? Go ahead, check it out here at